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Healthcare directives

To name someone to access healthcare information and/or make critical decisions, if one is unable. For……

  • Your parents – If tragedy strikes, or if they are just getting forgetful, how will their decisions be handled, who will be authorized to receive their information?
  • Your adult children – If your child who is away at college has an emergency, will you get the call from the hospital, will you be allowed their health information?
  • The person with whom your share your life
  • YOU

Healthcare Power of Attorney

The most important document that a person needs- be they young or old and irrespective of financial stature, is a Power of Attorney of Health Care. The Healthcare Power of Attorney allows your appointed agent the power to make your health care decisions when you are not able. While this power is most associated with end of life circumstances, the power is necessary for all health related decisions you can make. The agent(s) you name in your Power of Attorney, including all successor agents, also enjoy the full right of access to your medical information. The right of access is important, as privacy laws (“HIPPA”) specifically limit your medical information for your eyes only, and to those whom you specifically authorize.

pdf.fwDownload Healthcare Power of Attorney

HIPPA Authorization

A HIPPA authorization is your list of who may access your medical and health information. Those named do NOT have decision making authority (as in the Health Care Power of Attorney) rather they only have the right to your medical information and status. Without the HIPPA authorization your loved ones will not be informed or otherwise allowed any information as to your medical condition.


Download Authorization to Release Protected Health Information

Short Term Appointment of Minor’s Guardian

The Short Term Appointment allows the parents/Guardians of minor children to appoint a guardian of their minor children. The appointed guardian may then act, and make health care decisions, for the minor child. This document is for a limited period of time, and usually is used when parents/guardians will be out of town or unavailable for an extended period of time.

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